Helping healthcare professionals improve patient outcomes.

RND International AG provides best-in-class equipment to healthcare professionals so that they can provide top quality care to their patients.


RND International AG provides best in class PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to protect the lives of our healthcare professionals. We have supplied FDA/CE certified consumable items to satisfied clients on 3 continents — Europe, USA and Asia.


Cardiac Surgery

We provide the gold standard in intraoperative surgical guidance and quality assessment with ultrasonic imaging and blood flow measurement during cardiac surgery providing surgeons with an unparalleled quality gateway for verifying graft patency... 

Vascular Surgery

Performing perioperative quality assessment using Medistim technology greatly increases the patient's probability of a positive outcome and lessens the chance of additional and unnecessary surgical reinterventions.

Transplant Surgery

Adequate graft perfusion is crucial for the success of transplant surgery. Simultaneous flow and pressure measurements with Medistim systems provide effective guidance for potential flow modulation procedures in....