Transplant Surgery

Adequate graft perfusion is crucial for the success of transplant surgery. Simultaneous flow and pressure measurements with Medistim systems provide effective guidance for potential flow modulation procedures and in optimizing the liver hemodynamics.

Transit time flow measurement (TTFM) is a well-established, easy to use, and rapid quality control method during liver transplant. The real-time flow volume and pressure information obtained with Medistim’s systems accurately guides the surgeon on the hepatic regional hemodynamic status and response during inflow modulation. This yields a reliable overview of the transplanted liver function before patient closure.


MiraQ Ultimate

MiraQ™ Ultimate combines ultrasound imaging and transit time flow measurement (TTFM) in a single system that is specifically designed to meet the needs of vascular and cardiac surgery.

Performing perioperative quality assessment using Medistim technology greatly increases the patient's probability of a positive outcome and lessens the chance of additional and unnecessary surgical reinterventions.

The MiraQ™ Ultimate system provides objective, quantifiable feedback on how well a graft is functioning during an operation. Surgeons can leave the operating room with the assurance that the construct is functioning well. All surgical findings can be documented through the flow tracings and images provided by the Medistim system.

Vascular TTFM Probes – PV Probe Series
Vascular TTFM Probes – PV Probe Series

Medistim Vascular TTFM probes are designed with a locking slide to facilitate gentle handling of fragile vessels. Available with and without handle. Size range from 1.5 – 16mm. Steam, Plasma, STERRAD autoclavable.